The "Pay What You Want" Holiday Sale

We wanted to do something really special and different for the Holidays this year.  We've offered X% Off and $X Off deals on our online courses in the past, but this year we wanted to do something more exciting!
We came up with the idea of letting you, our valuable readers and customers, decide how much you would be willing to pay for online courses.
Our prices are calculated primarily by the amount of time to build and subject matter offered in the course, but you may have a very different opinion of what you think the course is worth to you.
So this year, we'd like to give that power over to you, and let you tell us what you want to pay.  There are no strings attached or judgments made.  We just ask that you price it at least $1.

The Courses

Our courses are designed to provide a very solid foundation for financial success.  We teach all the sound financial techniques we used when we were in our 20s and 30s, which helped us retire in our early 40s.
You can click on each link to read more about the course content and curriculum:
You'll notice that each course does have a price, which is our regular retail price.  Feel free to use those prices as guidance, but the final price is up to you. 

How it Works

Simply email us at with the following information:
  • Which course (or courses) you would like to purchase
  • How much you want to pay (at least $1)
We will then email you back a coupon code to use for that course at the amount you want to pay.  It's as easy as that!


What's the lowest price I can offer?  We will take as low as $1
Can I pay more than the regular price?  While we'd love to accept your generous offer, our payment system isn't really set up for paying more than the regular price.  However, if you're feeling in the giving Holiday mood, you can buy more than one and give the others as gifts.  Which leads us to...
Can I buy a course as a gift for someone?  Absolutely!  It's the Holidays, isn't it?  We would simply send you the code that you can give to your gift recipient, or we can put together a fancy gift certificate like the one on our Gift Certificate page.
Will you judge me if I offer you a really low price?  Yes, we will put your email and photo up on our Hall of Shame!  Just kidding, we have absolutely no judgments here.
What's the catch?  There's honestly no catch.  We wanted to come up with a cool promotion, and this was the coolest one we could think of.  Feel free to take advantage of it, and tell everyone you know.  Speaking of which...
Can I tell others about this?  Yes, yes, and oh heck yes!  We want to get our courses into as many hands as possible, especially people who really need them.
Is there a deadline?  Yes, right now the deadline for this offer is December 31st, 2017 (at midnight PST).