We love getting feedback on our online courses, because it helps us improve the content.  Over 2,000 students have enrolled in our courses, and they have provided us with lots of valuable insights.

Here are just some of the actual testimonials real students have given us about our Early Retirement courses...

"I was spurred into action when you mentioned the importance of dollar cost averaging. I was automatically investing monthly prior to your course, but after you explained the benefits of weekly deposits, I paused your course and made the change right then and there on Vanguard's website."

- Andy Hill from Marriage, Kids & Money

"I am through assignment one! It is GREAT! and I must admit a lot more challenging than I expected. I actually had to go and check my 401k balance, haven't looked at that thing in a long while. I spent an hour on the intro and step 1 so far. I am going to tackle step 2 tomorrow. Good stuff!"

- Bianca, 35, Oakland CA

"Even if you currently have no savings and are in debt, How to Retire Early in 6 Easy Steps will get you on the path to early retirement. We believe this course is invaluable and wish it were available to us earlier in our life. Don’t work into your 60’s and 70’s. Learn what you can do now on how to retire early and really enjoy life."

- Tina, Co-Founder of Retire Early & Travel

"Your course is saving my life! I love the fact this is a practical guide compared to other courses that are simply listening or reading boring stuff. The hands on assignments are more effective. You get practical examples for everything discussed (i.e. side hustles, gigs economy jobs, etc). What I love the most is that it breaks down the numbers so that even a 5th grader can understand it. Anyone can find value in this course."

- Scott, 24, Founder of Prontodelivr

"Full of great information I've never come across in all of my learning! It's hard to believe it isn't in our primary education system. I hope it becomes widely available and wildly popular to empower the people to take control of their work and financial lives. There are so many options aside from signing up for the nine to five slavery system."

- Sam, 28, Pittsburgh PA

"Simple, straight forward, clean and easy. No extra garbage. Gets to the point without laboring it. I wish I had this course 40 years ago!"

- Jim, Retired, Connecticut

From students who have taken our courses on Udemy...

"Fantastic course with lots of useful information. It's obvious the presenter has personal experience on this topic and provides examples. Course was laid out very well and the presenter was easy to understand."  -- Ashlee

"The ideas are well organized and clearly explained. The advice contains a lot of common sense, but common sense is not common. I'm certain many people will find this course useful."  -- Bob K.

"It was worth it though for lecture 17 alone (Investment Hacking 101) - where they actually give an assignment with specifics on how to get started in the stock market. Thank you!"  -- Jennifer N.

"I was depressed that me and my family have a low income, but fortunately no loans or debts, and I'm only 19. This course and the instructor made feel good about myself. All I have to do is make a plan, get extra small income and put some money aside. Thanks a lot Mr. Redling."  -- Ahmad H.