What is This Site About?

IMG_2953Retire By 45 provides inspiration, tips, and resources for retiring early.  My wife, Allison, and I retired in our early 40s and have never looked back. We want to share our learnings to help you retire early, too.
Our lives have improved tremendously through early retirement.  We're in better physical shape, we're no longer stressed about work, and we have more time to travel and enjoy life. 
Sure, it takes some discipline to retire in your 40s. But it's very doable if you put your mind to it and follow some key strategies. If we can do it, then we know you can do it, too!
-- Dylin Redling (Founder) - retired at 43

Who is This Site For?

Retire By 45 is for a variety of users.
1. No Retirement Plan:  You're under 35 years old and haven't started planning your retirement yet. Time is your biggest ally, so having 10+ years is a huge plus.
2. Some Retirement Savings:  You're in your late 30s or early 40s and have been putting some money into your retirement plan. We can help you refine your plan so you can still retire early.
3. At or Near Retirement:  You're close to retiring or you've already retired. We can help you make the most of your retirement years.
4. Escape from 9-to-5:  You're not necessarily looking for full retirement, but you'd like to quit your day job. You may be interested in becoming a Solopreneur or a Digital Nomad.

What To Do On the Site

Here are some things to check out on Retire By 45:
1. Get the FREE Guide:  Download our FREE Guide 7 Keys To a Successful Early Retirement. You'll also be added to our newsletter, providing inspiration, tips, and resources for retiring early.
2. Explore our Academy:  Check out our online courses about how to retire early, top tips for saving & investing, and what to do in your 20s so you can retire in your 40s.
3. Try our Calculators:  See how much money you'll have in retirement, whether you should rent or buy your home, how much you can save on expenses, and more.
4. Check out our Resources:  Get tools to help you Manage Debt, Increase Income, Learn to Invest, and Reduce Expenses.
5. Read our Blog:  We write about a variety of topics, including how to create a retirement plan, how to save money, where to retire, and much more.