What is FinCon?

FinCon is the world's largest "Financial Content Expo."  It's designed for "money nerds" and those of us in what's called the FIRE (Financially Independent / Retiring Early) community.

FinCon an event where personal finance bloggers can learn how to grow their audiences, and monetize and scale their businesses.  It hosts speakers, workshops, networking sessions, and social events.

FinCon18 was held in Orlando, FL, and some of the noteworthy speakers included Mr. Money Mustache, Rachel Cruze, Jean Chatzky, and Chris Hogan.

People at FinCon

The best thing about FinCon is meeting people from all over the world, from all walks of life, and at various stages of achieving FIRE.

We met some amazing people at FinCon18 like Andy Hill (from Marriage, Kids & Money), "Big ERN" Karsten (from Early Retirement Now), JD Roth (from Get Rich Slowly), J Money (from Budgets are Sexy), and Scott Rieckens (from the documentary movie Playing with FIRE).

FinCon is also big on mentoring others.  We got to mentor some young bloggers eager to learn more about creating content and developing their new blogs.

Speaking at FinCon

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at FinCon18.  My presentation (Mastering Quora: How I Got Millions of Views, Thousands of Upvotes, & Created a Content Machine from My Answers) was very well received.

If you would like to see my presentation and get access to 100+ sessions, including the Keynote Presentations, Big Idea Talks, and Breakout Sessions, you can purchase them through my affiliate link.

The FIRE Community at FinCon

The FIRE Community was well represented at FinCon18.  We sat in on a very interesting panel discussion about the Playing with FIRE documentary.

The group included Mr. Money Mustache, the Mad Fientist, JD Roth, Brad & Jonathan from ChooseFi, and several other big names.  It was interesting to hear their perspectives on the FIRE movement, and refreshing to see how down to Earth they are!

To read more about this panel discussion and see what we learned about the FIRE community at FinCon, see our post It’s HOT! What We Learned about the FIRE Community at FinCon18.

FinCon19 in Washington DC

If you want to see what the hooplah is all about, come check out FinCon19 in Washington DC from Sept 4-7, 2019.

We already have our tickets, and we would love to meet you if go!  Tickets and information are available at the FinCon website.