10 Cool Things We’ve Done Since Achieving FIRE (& 5 We’re Planning)

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This month Allison and I are celebrating our 4-year anniversary of achieving FIRE (Financial Independence / Retiring Early).  We each got laid off from our startup jobs (within a month of each other) at the beginning of 2015, and since … Read More

How a Near Death Experience Inspired Us to FIRE

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My wife, Allison, and I were fortunate to be able to retire in our mid-40s.  It wasn’t easy. We worked hard for many years, saved and invested diligently, created extra income with side businesses, and lived a frugal lifestyle. You … Read More

7 Arguments Against FIRE (& 7 Reasons We Did It Anyway)

If you are early in your financial journey, you may have questions and concerns about the whole “FIRE” concept (Financial Independence / Retire Early).  Should you dive in and work your tail off to retire early, or should you take … Read More

It’s HOT! What We Learned about the FIRE Community at FinCon18

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When Allison and I got laid off from our tech jobs at the beginning of 2015, we thought we would take a little break to travel and recharge our batteries, and then head back to the workforce.   Our “little … Read More

How We Slacked Off in Our 20s & Still Retired in Our Early 40s

What type of person were you when you graduated from college and became a young adult?  Were you a “Go-Getter” or a “Slacker?” Go-Getters know what they want in life, and they don’t waste any time going for it.  They … Read More

Save the Planet & Your Wallet: 20 Ways We Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

The nice thing about reducing your carbon footprint is that you can help the world while also saving yourself money.  My wife, Allison, and I have always been conscientious about conserving resources — both for the environment and for our … Read More

From Joy to Confusion, 8 Priceless Reactions to Retiring Early

One of the most common questions to ask someone when you first meet is “So, what do you for a living?”  In some cultures, this might seem too forward or a bit awkward.  But in America, “what you do for … Read More

So, You Wanna Be a Blogger? How To Start a Blog from A to Z

Have you ever thought, while reading one of your favorite blogs, “I bet I could write something like that” or “How did this blogger get started and become so big?” It’s actually not that hard to start a blog.  You … Read More

6 Keys to Ensure You Have a Fun, Rewarding & Happy Early Retirement

You may think retiring early is a magic pill that will automatically solve all your problems and make your life amazing and wonderful.  Perhaps you envision a happy-go-lucky life filled with sunshine, white sand beaches, rainbows, and butterflies. On the … Read More

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