10 Cool Things We’ve Done Since Achieving FIRE (& 5 We’re Planning)

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This month Allison and I are celebrating our 4-year anniversary of achieving FIRE (Financial Independence / Retiring Early).  We each got laid off from our startup jobs (within a month of each other) at the beginning of 2015, and since … Read More

7 Arguments Against FIRE (& 7 Reasons We Did It Anyway)

If you are early in your financial journey, you may have questions and concerns about the whole “FIRE” concept (Financial Independence / Retire Early).  Should you dive in and work your tail off to retire early, or should you take … Read More

It’s HOT! What We Learned about the FIRE Community at FinCon18

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When Allison and I got laid off from our tech jobs at the beginning of 2015, we thought we would take a little break to travel and recharge our batteries, and then head back to the workforce.   Our “little … Read More

Ready to Jump? A 10-Point Checklist for Early Retirement

If you’re like many people in the workforce, you’ve probably fantasized about retiring early.  But how do you know when it’s the right time? Do you know how much money you need to cover your expenses throughout retirement?  Where will … Read More

From Joy to Confusion, 8 Priceless Reactions to Retiring Early

One of the most common questions to ask someone when you first meet is “So, what do you for a living?”  In some cultures, this might seem too forward or a bit awkward.  But in America, “what you do for … Read More

So, You Wanna Be a Blogger? How To Start a Blog from A to Z

Have you ever thought, while reading one of your favorite blogs, “I bet I could write something like that” or “How did this blogger get started and become so big?” It’s actually not that hard to start a blog.  You … Read More

6 Keys to Ensure You Have a Fun, Rewarding & Happy Early Retirement

You may think retiring early is a magic pill that will automatically solve all your problems and make your life amazing and wonderful.  Perhaps you envision a happy-go-lucky life filled with sunshine, white sand beaches, rainbows, and butterflies. On the … Read More

6 Reasons to Travel as Far & Wide as You Can

My wife, Allison, and I just returned from a two week adventure in China (and I’m still getting over the jet lag). When we weren’t flying, driving, floating down a river, or careening along the countryside on a high-speed train, … Read More

How NOT to have a Boring Life (or Retirement)

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Do you worry that your life will become boring when you retire?  Perhaps you already feel like your life is boring. Let me guess, your life goes something like this (give or take): Get up in the morning, eat breakfast, … Read More

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