3 Reasons More People Don’t Try to Achieve FIRE

For our ancient ancestors fire meant life, but it was difficult to create and even harder to maintain. In today’s world, FIRE can be equally as elusive, but we are not talking about building a literal fire for food and … Read More

Survive a Market Crash! How We Thrived After 2 Financial Meltdowns

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4 Big Financial Mistakes We Made on Our Road to FIRE (& 4 Things We Got Right)

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Forget Everything You’ve Learned – 10 Financial Rules We’re Totally Breaking!

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In the world of personal finance, you’ll find a number of written and unwritten “rules” about saving, investing, debt, retirement, etc.  While much of the conventional wisdom can be very helpful (i.e. “don’t take on too much high interest debt”), … Read More

4 Very Different Strategies We’ll Be Using To Hedge the Stock Market Bubble

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple years, you know all about the stock market soaring into the stratosphere.  Hopefully you’re invested in the market and have enjoyed the wild run-up in values. As I write … Read More